A  place  where restoring  hope begins. 

Our Mission

To  create  a  safe,  compassionate,  authentic,  and  caring environment  for  all  individuals  who  are  struggling with  issues  that  are  lifelong  patterns  of personal struggle.  Aiming  to  restore  and  enhance  life  tools  while  providing  leading-edge  therapeutic approaches. 


Individual  counseling  allows  for  a  range  of  personal issues  to  be  addressed.  Therapy  may  focus  on  issues such  as  life  transitions,  coping  with  stress  or  loss, depression,  anxiety,  or  addiction.


Couples  often  choose  to  attend  therapy  in  order  to improve  the  quality  of  their  relationship  by  developing  positive  communication  skills,  increasing their  ability  to  understand  one  another,  and  learning  how  to  productively  work  through  conflict.  At  times, individual  therapy  may  be  a  complementary  component  to  couples  counseling.


Family  therapy  may  aim  to  address  communication issues,  solve  family  problems,  improve  communication, or  address  specific  concerns  such  as  undesirable behaviors.  Individual  counseling  is  sometimes recommended  as  a  support  for  family  counseling.

About Bridge to Restoration Therapy Services

It’s  my  passion  to  empower individuals  to  improve  their overall  physical,  mental,  and emotional  well-being.  My  goal  is  to  meet  people  where  they  are and  to  provide  a  non-judgmental, culturally-sensitive,  and compassionate  approach  to everyone  I  encounter.  My approach  focuses  on  building  a strong  therapeutic  relationship and  creating  a  safe  space  for clients.

Hasina Bankston, LMSW
Licensed Mental Health Therapist  

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